C14 PARIS is for

- authors of sculptural pieces (from volume to mixed-media installation). Excluded from this show are utilitarian pieces (vases, pots, crockery, accessories, furniture).
Exhibitors are selected on the basis of applications submitted by jury members. Call for applications January 12, 2023 and closes February 13, 2023 . The artistic file is to be filled in online.
Entry fees see ART.1 of these Regulations.
The jury is made up of F.Bodet, L.Recchia, P.Loughran and two outside guests, either artists or people from the museum or art market world.


- Prix Galerie exhibition in a municipal gallery in Paris or in a private gallery in France or abroad
- Prix Résidence (encouragement of a project) in France or Europe at a partner venue.
- Prix du Jury awarded by the C14-PARIS Association, recognizing the qualities of an independent work.
any other parameters. Winners are entitled to a free exhibition on the ground floor of the show (approx. 20m2).


C14-PARIS undertakes to provide the exhibitor with a stand that complies with what has been announced and with the dates given (unless the show is cancelled beyond our control - cf. Art. 11 last paragraph of the regulations).
C14-PARIS undertakes to promote the Show to the best of its ability and within the limits of its financial resources:
- on its website
- through newsletters
- a presence on social networks (Facebook and Instagram)
- by enlisting the skills of a press attaché
- by purchasing advertising space from strategic magazines
- professional production of a teaser video to be posted online on the first day of the show
- having a professional photographer produce a photo report of the show.
C14-PARIS undertakes to publish a full-colour catalog reproducing one work by each exhibitor.
The exhibitor will receive 2 free copies of the catalog



Participation fees

The successful candidate must pay the total exhibition fee of 350€. Payment can be made in two cheques of €175 to the association, or by bank transfer. in the week following the announcement of his selection. In the absence of payment within 7 days, the selection will be cancelled.
This financial contribution helps to organize the event and produce the catalog.
He or she must also complete and return within 7 days the graphic designer's form, which will be enclosed, for the purpose of creating his or her catalog page.


Selection of works

The works exhibited are the result of a consensual choice made in advance by the Salon management and the artist. They must be recent and/or never exhibited before.
The proposed works must be mainly ceramic, but may also be composite.
Mostly ceramic installations may contain non-ceramic elements (drawings, photos, paintings, etc.).
If works exhibited are deemed to be contrary to the ethics of the Show and have not been submitted to the Show management beforehand, the management has the right to ask the exhibitor to remove them.
The selected artist undertakes not to exhibit at the same time in the Île de France region during the 6 months preceding the C14-PARIS Show. If the Show management is informed of this, it will cancel the registration, even if the nature of the pieces exhibited differs from one location to another. The exhibitor will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation.
Exhibitors are provided with a standard stand measuring H.250 x W.300 x D.100cm in 1.5cm-thick matt white plywood. Wall-mounted, floor-standing and pedestal-mounted exhibits are accepted. Exhibitors are responsible for their own layout. The latter must be conceived as a real scenographic challenge. The project must be submitted to Show management for discussion. Fabrics and curtains are to be avoided.
Stand lighting is provided. For fire safety reasons, the addition of spotlights or electrical outlets is prohibited.
NB: for fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to store cardboard boxes and other packaging behind stands or elsewhere on the exhibition site.
Presence at the show
Exhibitors undertake to be present at their stand throughout the duration of the Show and during the stated opening hours.. In case of absence one-off and inescapablethey must notify a member of the office present.
Transporting artwork
Exhibitors are solely responsible for transporting exhibits to and from the show, and for handling them.
Accommodation in Paris is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
Insurance for exhibitors' works
The C14-PARIS association does not insure exhibitors or their works. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to take out individual civil liability insurance and to insure his or her works against breakage or theft.
Artists are solely responsible for the objects displayed or stored in their booths, as well as for any damage caused to third parties as a result of their installation.
Reproduction rights
Each exhibitor undertakes to assign his rights to the use of the visual intended for the catalog between the beginning of April and the end of November for the purposes of promoting the event (press and internet).
Each exhibitor undertakes to cede definitively his rights on the use of images made during the Show at the request of C14-PARIS to the delegated videographer and photographer.
The room annexed to the Town Hall of the 14th arrondissement of Paris is not a shopping mall. C14-PARIS has no commercial purpose and does not intend to receive any commission on sales. The price list is indicative only, and visitors are encouraged to contact the exhibitor directly for any purchase requests.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for any disputes of any kind between buyers and exhibitors.
Candidate's withdrawal
If an exhibitor withdraws:
-before the end of May, only half of the payment, i.e. €175, will be refunded.
- After the end of May, the full amount will be retained by the association.
By signing these rules and regulations and the registration form, the exhibitor expressly agrees to abide by them and by any prefectural or municipal regulations concerning police and safety measures, without recourse of any kind.
Any delay, change of date or early closure beyond the control of C14-PARIS will not give rise to any right to compensation.
In the event that C14-PARIS is forced to cancel the exhibition, all monies received will be reimbursed immediately. No recourse on any grounds whatsoever against the organizers or the C14-PARIS association is admissible.