PRIX RÉSIDENCE 2024 - Bruckner Foundation

Bruckner Foundation logo
C14-PARIS renews its partnership with Fondation Buckner - Centre céramique, Carouges

The winner will be able to visit the Bruckner Foundation within 18 months of being awarded the prize, depending on his or her possibilities and the availability of the Bruckner Foundation workshops.

Émilie Fargues
Head of Bruckner Foundation
Organizer and programmer
Carouge Ceramics Course
Chemin de Grange-Collomb 38
1227 Carouge - Switzerland

Exterior view of the Buckner Foundation

The Fondation Bruckner is a center dedicated to ceramics, located in Carouge in a green setting on the outskirts of Geneva. Born of the legacy of Mrs. Charlotte Bruckner to the culture of Carouge, the Fondation Bruckner continues the tradition of Carouge ceramics: the earthenware factories have given way to the realities of the 21st century and, today, the Bruckner Foundation promotes this multi-faceted art form. The Bruckner Foundation's mission is to promote ceramics by providing professional workshops, granting residencies and organizing events such as the Parcours Céramique Carougeois. Open to artists with a passion for ceramics, whether they be visual artists, ceramists, architects or designers, local or international, amateurs or professionals, the Foundation encourages creative, interdisciplinary exchanges and the exploration of new ideas.

Workshops The Bruckner Foundation offers an ideal working environment, whether for exhibition work, research, creation or the development of a large-format project, thanks to its bright, open-plan studios. The three 20 m2 studios are professionally equipped for ceramic work. A beating bench, glazing cage, hoist, workbench, die and lathes are just some of the tools available to residents. Firing takes place on site in electric kilns of various sizes (from 70 to 1,500 liters!).

Course Ceramics Carougeois Founded in 1989, the Foundation took over the organization of the Parcours Céramique Carougeois, an international biennial of contemporary ceramics, in 2009. The event attracts an audience of enthusiasts, collectors and artists. A veritable ceramics festival, it offers a panorama of contemporary crea- tion through exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures and performances.