Inter-school competition (#17)

Candidate's identity

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Profile and project

15 lines max.
a short CV describing your career (date of birth + nationality + educational background + maximum 6 major personal and/or group exhibitions)
text of max. 15 lines in English or French


Wait for your file to load completely before clicking on "Send" (.zip format, max. 50 MB).

The compressed .zip file must contain:

- 10 photos (compress your images to keep them small and light)
- 1 photo of a work in HD quality (Photograph of the work in its entirety, in portrait format (proportions 5:7 or 2:3), with enough air around the work (framing not too tight), showing the work against a light background (white/grey), of the best possible quality).
- your portrait


- Do not write captions on photos.
- Include photo credits if necessary.
- Name files in lower case, without special characters or accents. Example: "last name first name title year". 
-Enter the dimensions of the parts whose images you are sending in a simple text file (.txt).

Corporate identity


Please note that this form is reserved for students who are graduating or who graduated last year.